JSTI|Eptisa serves the Panj Amu River Basin Sector Project

Eptisa is developing a feasibility study and detailed engineering design consultancy services (FSDDCS) for Panj Amu River Basin Sector Project, an Asian Development Bank funded contract, and managed by the Ministry of Energy and Water of Afghanistan. The objective of this project is to increase production potential of this basin through enhancing access and use of water at farms and river levels.

The Panj-Amu River Basin Sector Project is one of the five key basins of the country, which has become a priority project for the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. It has three main tributaries (Kunduz River, the Taloqan River (Khanabad) River, and the Kokcha River) and many smaller tributaries that produce approximately 48 billion m3 of annually renewable surface water for irrigation and other purposes.

The basin is sub-divided, based on physical and socio-economic criteria determined by the Ministry of Energy and Water in 2004, into six sub basins: Upper Panj sub-basin, Lower Panj sub-basin, Kokcha sub-basin, Taloqan sub-basin, Upper Kunduz sub-basin and Lower Kunduz sub-basin.

▲ The Panj-Amu River Basin Sector

This project involves the improvement and rehabilitation of 19 subprojects comprising 400 km length of canals and 70,000 ha of Cultivable Command Area (CCA), including their headworks and regulating structures, divided in seven packages ranging amounting US$ 36 million. To achieve this, Eptisa is conducting a feasibility study, preparing detailed design of the works and tender documents for different packages and assisting to the Ministry of Energy and Water.

The results will be help to increase the yield and intensity of crops and irrigated areas, including their diversification for higher return cropping systems, as well as improve food security and self- sufficiency of food. Furthermore, the project will also create more economic opportunities for agribusiness development, increasing per-capita income and reducing poverty among rural and pastoral communities.

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