For over 40 years, JSTI Group has taken a leading role in shaping China's modern-day landscape. We have been involved in some of the country's most iconic projects, which have served to define China's growth since the late 1990's.
Looking forward, we are committed to establishing ourselves as a truly global company, laying the foundations for new success at an international scale. Our goal is to build a future that we can all be proud of. Not just in China, but across the world.
JSTI's story began in 1978 as a state-owned public services institution, providing basic yet core transport infrastructure to connect an undeveloped and disconnected China.
After 24 years of being a state-owned company, the decision was made in 2002 to turn JSTI into a privately-owned enterprise, with employees becoming shareholders in the firm. This transition from state to private ownership was the first such case among all provincial transportation institutions in the country, marking JSTI as a forward-thinking organisation from early on in the company's history.
2016 saw JSTI Group become a truly international company with two strategic alliances being established with overseas firms. The merger with Eptisa, one of Spain's leading engineering design consultancies, signalled an intent to expand our skills and capabilities in the field whilst demonstrating a commitment to delivering the highest standard of infrastructural projects at a global scale.
2016 had already cemented JSTI's reputation as a globally minded business with international aspirations. That same year, the company also received recognition from leading industry publication, Engineering News-Record (ENR), ranking the company alongside the most well-known consultancies in the world.
Continual and sustainable development has always been a core tenet of our business. As China's growth transitions into a period of normalisation, we have been able to utilise our unique global perspective to maintain our expansion whilst continuing to deliver projects that make a difference. As a result, 2018 saw further recognition by ENR in both the Top 150 Global Design Firms category (42nd) and also the Top 225 International Design Firms category (45th).
  • 2016 Globalization
  • 2015 Transformed into a Group
  • 2012 Listing
  • 2002 Reformation
  • 1978 Establishment
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